> Scalable EOS Infrastructure

EOS INFRA provides secure, reliable, and scalable access to the EOS network. We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on DApp development.

  • Used by 50% of top 10 EOS DApps
  • Over 400,000,000 requests served per day
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Easy Access Chain Data

Use a single API host to gain instant access to the EOS chain data without having to manage your own nodes. Requests to our API use the same official RPC API paths and parameters.

Stable Anywhere On Earth

All requests are served by Geo-DNS contextual to the location of the user. Tap into nodes in the US, China, and all over the world.

Built By Battle-Tested Devs

We've built companies and products used by millions. We know how deep this need is in the DApp development community.


Dedicated Infrastructure

To support all premium features, we have rolled our own dedicated clusters of EOS API nodes around the globe to ensure maximum performance, minimal latency, and consistent configuration. All requests to our platform flow through our purpose built chain communication micro services, allowing us to support any level of scale.

Optimal EOS Configuration

There are many configuration settings for nodeos which powers the EOS network. Using our collective knowledge gained from being block producers well before the mainnet launched, we implement the optimal configurations for both performance and security.

1hr History API

To run a full history API now takes over 7TB of RAM or disk. The overwhelming feedback from our clients was that most history usage was to confirm transactions and run auditing scripts. We have a custom history service that always guarantees the last 60 minutes of data, using the standard RPC API endpoints.

Geo Routing

Our infrastructure is deployed in over 15 locations around the World. We use latency based geo routing to always ensure your server side, or client side API requests are served by local application servers to ensure maximum performance and minimal latency.

Client Reporting Dashboard

Top tier clients will receive their own reporting suite that delivers real-time metrics of their dedicated infrastructure with analysis of request success, transaction response and legitimate failure counts.

Customer Support

Contact us any time by email or chat. We know unexpected circumstances may arise — we're here to help! We're developers ourselves, and we have deep, hands-on experience in stability and scalability.

SLA with Uptime Guarantees

We know how important a reliable, consistent and available service is for the success of any app. Our Business tier clients have 99.9% uptime guarantees with an accompanying service credits scheme.

Push Transaction Guarantees

We offer a micro service that helps guarantee that a transaction sent into the EOS network via push_transaction makes it into a valid block and/or reaches irreversibility

Anomaly Alerting

It is incredibly important for our clients that their users have the best possible experience when using their dApps. We have automated alerting that will push notifications to our clients informing them of anomalies in their data, such as a sudden drop in traffic or an increase in transaction failures.

China Optimisation

We work with some of the leading cloud providers within China to enable true regional support for China users. (This feature is enabled for Business plan only and will incur additional bandwidth cost.)


Select your desired request bandwidth:

    5 average requests/second

    • Best-In-Class DApps
    • Full EOS Chain RPC API
    • Dedicated Infrastructure
    • Optimal EOS Configuration
    • 1hr History API
    • Geo-Routing to All Regions
    • Customer Support
    • Push Transaction Guarantees
    • Service Level Agreement (99.9%)
    • China Optimisation (additional bandwidth cost)

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    About Us

    Dafeng Guo is cofounder of EOS Asia and brings world-class technical capabilities to EOS Infra. As cofounder and CTO of Strikingly (Y Combinator W2013), Dafeng has architected systems that serve millions of users and billions of pageviews. He was named Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP in 2017. Dafeng has previously developed trading systems and infrastucture at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Yahoo. He received his BS in Computer Science at CUHK.

    Joseph Fanelli is a cofounder of EOS Asia. Over the years he has cooperated with many large corporations including China's Tencent QQ Music managing large projects and took the helm of conglomerate NIO Capital's online presence all while managing multiple companies throughout Asia. Joseph graduated from TongJi University with a concentration in Finance and with astute skills in Computer Science.